Covid – 19

Covid-19 information



Under Covid-19 Alert Level One, the Apiculture New Zealand Conference and Trade Exhibition will be a full, on-site Conference in Rotorua. At Levels Two and above we will hold a virtual Conference.
If the Government changes Covid Alert Levels to Level Two or above, we will offer to either:
• Transfer your booking to the virtual conference and give you a partial refund or;
• Cancel your booking and fully refund all payments for registrations, booths, catering and social events such as the gala dinner and roast dinner.
If you have booked your hotel through the Conference website, then this will be fully refunded if the Covid Alert Level changes to Level Two or above.
For sponsors, all booths, sponsorship, catering and accommodation booked through the Conference website will be refunded. If you booked your own accommodation, you need to check the provider’s cancellation policies around Covid.

For information on flight refunds see Air New Zealand’s policy here and Jetstar’s here.