Honey-based Food Competition


Honey-based Food Items (Commercial)

2021 Winner: Go Wild Apiaries

If you are a commercial producer and sell honey-based products commercially or you supply honey to go into food products, you will want to enter this competition. Food items may be sweet or savoury. Suggested examples: cakes, biscuits, food bars, bread, confectionery, sauces, condiments, preserves, marinades, packaged prepared meals or non-alcoholic beverages.


There will one overall winner based on a number of factors including:


• Quality of product
• Originality/innovation
• Presentation and packaging including showcasing of unique honey characteristics
• Promotion of unique honey properties

Honey-based Food Items Entry Form & Rules


Honey Gift Arrangement/Boxes

2021 Winner: Kim Poynter

Calling all creative people – this is the perfect vehicle to unleash your creative spirit and present a beautiful gift basket of honey products. Your basket must be a collection of items that comes principally from keeping bees but can be supplemented by other products like wine, chocolate or other gift items as part of the creative process. In preparing your entry it needs to include a range of honey/bee-related products whether they are handmade or commercially manufactured (not just one type of product). That would include for example, honey, beeswax, propolis and pollen.


This competition is about beautiful presentation and open to everyone. This is not a commercial class in the sense that it is not about presenting a range of products produced by one company; rather it’s about creativity, presentation and bringing all of that together in a basket or box with a multiple of products. The arrangements will be showcased during Conference. Please ensure all gift arrangements are covered, eg in cellophane.

Honey Gift Arrangement Entry Form & Rules