Peter Molan Award

The Peter Molan Award

Sponsored by: Oha Honey Limited Partnership 

The Peter Molan Award was instigated to recognize the efforts of an individual member, or team of people from within the Apiculture Industry, who have made an outstanding contribution in the field of Apiculture Science to advance the betterment of our industry. The award trophy comes with a Certificate of Recognition and a substantial Science Grant.

2021 Winner: Dr Phil Lester, Victoria University of Wellington

The Peter Molan Award Entry Form & Rules

About the Peter Molan Trophy

The trophy in its entirety takes the form of a queen bee. This pays reference to a Rangatira, (someone of high rank or of chiefly status) acknowledging Peter Molan and the mana he has earnt through his years of dedicated work as a scientist and an influential leader in Manuka honey research.

The three parts of the bee’s body symbolise the three baskets of knowledge.  It also represents three stages – collection of raw pollen, the building process in the hive and the finished product of honey. It is also likens the notion of whanau (family), hapu (subtribe), iwi (tribe) to the worker bee, the drones and the queen bee.

The Unaunahi (crescent shaped pattern) on the wings of the queen bee, travel from the base of the carving, up the wings and around into the centre of the body. This pattern illustrates the worker bees bringing pollen back to the hive, for it to be then processed and turned into honey. This can be used as a metaphor for research, gaining outside knowledge and experience to then be collated and implemented, improving, refining and perfecting the whole process which can be then passed on to future scientists is this field.

The Pounamu (greenstone) seated in the central void symbolises the heart of the hive, the place where knowledge is held, the mauri (life essence) and because Oha Honey is situated in Te Wai Pounamu (the South Island) it is acknowledging the tangata whenua (indigenous people of the land) as pounamu can only be sourced here.