Speaker Presentations

Varroa Destructor Feeds on Bee Blood and Two Other Alternative Facts – Dr Sammy Ramesy

The Biology of Mating – Dr Juliana Rangel Posada

New Zealand Wine Industry – Chris Yorke

Monitoring Varroa Infestations; Washes and Sticky Boards, What Does it Mean? – Sarah Cross

Susceptibility of Manuka and other Myrtaceae associated with honey production to myrtle rust – Beccy Ganley

The effects of chlorpyrifos-based sprays on honey bees in Central Otago – Sue Michelsen-Heath

From Soil to Solution – Dannielle Kok and Joanne Turnball

Beekeepers growing  bumble bees: a step towards a new model of pollination service provision – David Pattemore

Management of Giant Willow Aphid in New Zealand: An update on the concluding Sustainable Farming Project – Stephanie Sopow

A DNA sequencing method for determining the floral origin of honey – Joshua Gilligan

Understanding bee behaviour – Kyle Atkinson

Host-mediated differences in quantity and chemical composition of honeydew of the giant willow aphid – Trevor Jones & Kyaw Min Tun

Pollination of Cherries in Central Otago – Max Burton

AFB Pest Management Plan Surveillance and Enforcement – Marco Gonzalez

Dogs in AFB Detection in New Zealand – Rene Gloor

Emerging Technologies in AFB Detection – John Mackay

AFB Pest Management Plan Challenges and Constraints – Clifton King

The AFB Controversy Q & A

Could we breed a better bee? – Dr Peter Dearden

What’s going on with the honey market? – Sean Goodwin

Plantation Manuka – an option for beekeepers and landowners? – Stephen Lee

Labeling your honey – Paul Dansted

Tropilaelaps -A Fate Worse Than Varroa – Dr Sammy Ramsey

Factors that affect the reproductive quality of honey bee Queens and Drones – Juliana Rangel Posada

Science Update: Joint Industry/MPI Mānuka Honey Science Steering Group – Claire McDonald

MPI Update – Paul Dansted

Protecting the term Manuka Honey – John Rawcliffe

Small Hive Beetle – future risks to New Zealand’s apiculture industry – Dr Ashley Mortensen

Organic management of Bees and the delicious results, organic honey – Alisha Taff

Understanding Tree Biology – Linda Newstrom-Lloyd

Honey bee viruses and emerging pathogens – John Mackay, Richard Hall & Hayley Pragert  

Millennium Hotel Rotorua

This deluxe central city property is perfectly situated next to mystical Lake Rotorua and just a brief stroll from the City centre, restaurants and bars. Adjacent is one of the world’s best spas, Polynesian Spa, set amidst the picturesque Government Gardens and alongside the Rotorua Museum.

Approximately a 10min walk to the Energy Events Centre.